How to Protect Your Pet While in the Car

How to Protect Your Pet While in the Car | The PawPlex

30,000.  That’s the number of accidents caused by unrestrained pets, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). The Travel Association also states that 29 million Americans traveled with a pet on a trip for longer than 50 miles.  With numbers like these we want to make sure that our pets are protected.  We want to picture our favorite pets alive with enthusiasm while sticking their heads to the window and soaking in the world around them.  Here are several steps to pet safety: Read More

How to Choose the Right Pet Companion

Learn how to choose the right canine companion in our newest blog post with video from Howcast

Step 1: Assess your situation
Assess your situation. Do you have children? Do you own or rent? How big are your living quarters? How much time and money can you devote to a dog? Read More

Dressing Up Your Pup for Halloween

Dressing up your pet for Halloween is no longer considered no small feat. People today are not going all out for their costumes, but are also considering how creative they can make their pooch look. While you are considering whether or not you will dress up your animal this year here are some safety precautions you should consider to keep your animal safe: Read More