Welcome to The PawPlex

The PawPlex is Suwanee's Georgia's premiere pet services destination, pet grooming salon, pet boarding, pet play care and pet boutique. Our award-winning groomers are certified and trained to provide your pet with a full range of spa services, lots of love, kindness and a consistent beauty experience during every visit.
The PawPlex offers exclusive services to pet parents and luxury pet care with overnight boarding accommodations, canine daycare programs and premium grooming services for both dogs and cats. We offer a variety of industry leading products to aid in cleaning your dog without messing your house. Our PawWash includes shampoo, conditioner, recirculating power wash, towels and
dryer. Be sure to call ahead to make sure the tubs are free.Our Goal is to help your dog love the grooming salon experience. In addition to the nationally recognized styling services other services are available to include Show Trims, Nail Painting, Flea Treatments and Teeth Brushing.

Our Services

Pet Grooming Services

Every dog needs some form of grooming and we have experience in grooming all types of breeds in many different sizes and shapes.


Pet Daycare Services

During a typical day your pup will come in greet his/her friends and play the morning away in our 1200 square foot indoor/outdoor play area.


Pet Boarding Services

Our pets play a large role in our lives and they are our family. The Paw Plex offers exclusive services to pet parents and luxury pet care.


Holistic Pet Foods

We currently carry several lines of high quality holistic pet foods and treats which bolster your pet’s health from the inside out.