How To Teach Your Female Puppy To Go Potty

Potty Training Puppy Watch your dog

Watch your dog’s normal habits before going to the bathroom.  Most dogs do something like looking at the ground, maybe scratching a bit, looking for a padded or dense area or doing “the circles” 

Choose a bathroom spot

Choose a spot. Usually preferably the same spot over and over again.  Don’t mix things up…this can come later.  Pick a command – usually a “Go Potty” or “Pee Poop” or  “Potty Time” or really anything you like…Just keep it consistent.  The most important thing to remember across all these steps, is KEEP IT CONSISTENT.  Same spot. Same command. Same result

No play until they potty

Take your dog out into the yard as much as possible during those first few days.  She should only be able to play after going to the bathroom. Shoot for about a half hour after she eats or drinks. Every time you see her urinate or defecate, say “Good Potty” Or “Good Doggy”.  You can also supplement this practice by giving them a treat when they get it right.  Believe it or not, this does not have to be as consistent…as long as they are associating going the bathroom with positive reinforcement. She will eventually associate the word “potty” with going to the bathroom and making you happy.  The hardest part to this exercise is to remember that they have to go before coming in.  This may take 5 minutes, 10 minutes or an hour.   Another thing to remember is that female dogs to not feel the same need as male dogs to mark their territory, so you may have to wait a minute.

Watch the negative 

Be careful with punishing your puppy when she eliminates in the house. Unless you catch her in the act, ignore the behavior and continue rewarding her when she potties where you want her to. If you find her in the process of squatting indoors, you may want to give her a loud “no!” and giving her a smack.   Don’t do this.  It is very easy to scare your dog into being afraid of going in your presence.  This is hard to overcome, once they are scared of you. 

Instead a even “no” and then take her to your designated outdoor spot and praise her with a “good potty” or “Good Doggy” if she finishes there.


Repeat these steps every day for at least a week if not 2 or 3. You will notice that your dog starts coming to you or to the door when she needs to relieve herself since she associates eliminating outside with being rewarded.  Also, you will learn what her signs are for needed to go to bathroom.  Be very aware.  You will be learning as well.  Remember – Keep it consistent and before long you will never have a problem again.  This is one area to get right early.  It is a huge challenge to change a dog’s habits, much harder than getting it right the first time.

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